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FUNDED by +impact holds a collection of stories and funding tools to lift your fundraising journey off the ground.

We meet with impact founders, investors and ecosystem players who are sharing their hands-on fundraising advice and insights with you.


Episode 1 - Jess Fleischer, CEO of Son of a Tailor on overcoming setbacks

Learn how Jess successfully raised over 60,000,000DKK despite nearing bankruptcy twice and hear his top 6 advice for any impact startup fundraising.

Jess Fleischer, 
CEO @ Son of a Tailor

You can't hike a mountain without putting on the proper gear. The same goes for fundraising.

We have put together some essential tools that will help you progress on your funding journey.


Impact Pitch Deck

Since you will need one for most investor meetings, we have put together a free, customisable deck to leverage your business' impactful nature.


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Valuation Sheet

We have gathered some of the best startup valuation methods for you be able to valuate your startup before meeting investors.


Term Sheet

This legal essential will help you outline basic terms and conditions for your investment. Use our template to include things that are important to you that you are ready to commit to.


Episode 2 - Organic Basics and their early investor Bumble Ventures on what makes a solid and supportive founder-investor relationship

Wondering how a founder-investor relationship looks like after closing several funding rounds together? Learn from what Mads and Daniel have been through together and what ingredients their recipe for success contained.


Mads Fibiger, 
Co-CEO @ Organic Basics

Daniel Nyvang Mariussen, 
Managing Partner @ Bumble Ventures

Shareholders' Agreement

This other legal essential and binding agreement will help you outline shareholders' rights and obligations. Use our template made by lawyers to lay solid foundations for the future of your startup.


Investor Pipeline

Fundraising requires strategy and structure. Here is a free, easy and smart template for you to keep track of your process, and get your startup funded faster.


Episode 3 - Founder of Plant Jammer on working with corporate investors and the importance of mental health

Have you ever thought of reaching out to corporates that would win if you win? That's how Plant Jammer its last 4 million euro investment. Learn from Michael how to navigate corporate investors, and how to keep your own balance as a founder when things get rough.

Michael Haase,
CEO @ Plant Jammer

Episode 4 - Radiobotics and their investor inQvation on preparing for their series A-round, and on the benefits of a relentless media strategy

Can investors act as partners beyond simply providing capital? How can having a solid media strategy go hand-in-hand with fundraising? Learn how Radiobotics and inQvation's partnership has brought Stine and her co-founders closer to their series A round, and how media has been instrumental in their journey.

Stine Mølgaard Sørensen,
COO @ Radiobotics

Christian Damgaard Tost,
General Partner @ inQvation


Episode 5 - Richard Engström, founder of The One Initiative on scaling impact and the necessity for more niched investors 

What effect does your impact have if you take into consideration the initial production and running costs? Learn more about why Richard suggests utilizing such data to understand and communicate your impact better with the help of three steps: impact mapping, tracking and scaling.

Richard Engström,
Founder @ The One Initiative

Episode 6 - Frederik Lysgaard Vind, Investor and Head of People & Culture on how to build a progressive company culture while scaling

How do you treat culture in your startup? Learn from Frederik about how to scale your startup while also prioritizing employees' growth and building a progressive company culture. The later it is done, the more damage there is to rebuild.

Frederik Lysgaard Vind,
Investor and Head of People & Culture @ Nøie

Episode 7 - Richard Breiter, Co-Founder and General Partner on funding visionary tech people through an ESG framework

How can investors become more impact-focused? Richard tells us how a tech VC has started to nudge its portfolio startups towards sustainability and implements ESG measurements to drive it, as lines are getting blurred between impact and regular startup investments. 

Richard Breiter,
Co-Founder and General Partner @ PreSeed Ventures

Episode 8 - Marie Louise Sunde, CEO & Co-Founder of Equality Check, on closing the economic gender gap through accelerating D&I

How to reach gender equality without waiting 200 years? Marie tells us how she is pioneering the undervalued industry of D&I and how she helps companies improve their D&I efforts through employees' feedback that is turned into data. 

Marie Louise Sunde,
CEO & Co-Founder @ Equality Check